Jianshu Wang

Looking for Software Engineer, SRE or Security interns for 2024 Summer

About Me

Hi, this is Jianshu Wang, currently a Master's student in Washington University in St. Louis as an international student learning Cybersecurity Engineering.

I love computers, and improving user experience has been my main driving power for many of my projects. I am always willing to learn new technologies based on the project I have on my hand, and previously I've worked on projects in many diverse fields, including websites, Windows GUI, chatbots and localizations. I am also enthusiastic about open source.

Currently looking for an internship in relevent fields.

Work Experiences

Software Engineer
October 2023 -- Present
  • Integration of cutting-edge technology to enhance the student and broader campus experience.
  • Carried out testing against WashU ChatGPT using Python scripts and provided feedbacks.
  • Worked with clients to develop React websites and mobile apps.
September 2022 -- August 2023 (1 year)

An organization in partnership with @Akegarasu and @Shigma to provide reliable technical support and solutions for Stable Diffusion user community in China.

Network and Information Office of QUST
Associate Network Administrator
April 2021 -- May 2023 (2 years)
Lead Developer and System Administrator
July 2018 -- August 2022 (4 years)
Telegram Simplified Chinese Localization Group
Founder & Lead Translator
March 2015 -- December 2020 (5 years)

Provide a better experience to Chinese users on Telegram Messengers by connecting islands and filling in gaps.

  • Developed an NAPI-based Node.js binding for TDLib, which significantly increases the stability and performance of chatbots.
  • Developed a comprehensive chatbot for indexing Telegram groups, self-enrollment and anti-spam.
  • Deliver top-quality localization work prior to the localization platform being created.
  • Implemented a self-maintained proxy database and a self-service chatbot.
  • Created a user community for assistance in using the app.


Washington University in St. Louis
M.S. in Cybersecurity Engineering
August 2023 -- May 2025
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Cumulative GPA: 4.0
Qingdao University of Science and Technology
B.Eng. in Computer Science
September 2018 -- Jun 2025
Qingdao, Shandong, China
Cumulative GPA: 3.35
Bachelor's Project: Design and Implementation of an Edge-cloud Collaboration Framework using Pluggable Transport Protocols


Launcher of Stable Diffusion WebUI
December 2022 -- August 2023 (9 months)

A C# & Python based launcher for the Stable Diffusion project designed to connect the non-professionals to latest AI technologies.

  • Identified the pain points of new users in using the Stable Diffusion project and renovated user experience.
  • Collected common errors and developed a diagnosis system with 105 issues included for self-service.
  • The project has 120k DAU and is generating a advertising revenue of 4.5k USD per month.
Danbooru-like Prompt Builder for Stable Diffusion
October 2022 -- December 2023 (3 months)

A Vue.js based DIY tool for Stable Diffusion and NovelAI users. Support generating and analyzing complex prompts.

  • Collected tags from various sources and used YAML for easy maintenance.
  • Implemented a parser for converting complicated prompts into a structured format.
  • Provided a user-friendly interface to edit the prompts and generate the final result.
  • Constructed a pure-frontend webapp with Vue.js / Element.js / Typescript.
FozzieSov Timerboard
June 2022

A timerboard for EVE Online player sovereignty events.

  • Designed a Server Sent Event (SSE) based event bus, while messages were sent in unidirectional ways.
  • Implemented a difference algorithm, to save network consumption when broadcasting updates.
  • Involves modern frontend technologies including Vue.js / Typescript.
Minecraft Single Sign-On
December 2018 -- January 2019 (2 months)

A Single Sign-On platform for Minecraft servers, to provide out-of-game authentication experience.

  • Implemented an OAuth 2.0 identity provider with Express.js.
  • Connected with Flarum discussion board with its API.
  • Provided Minecraft in-game authentication with IRC chat forwarding channel.
Minecraft JourneyMap Explorer
October 2018 -- January 2019 (4 months)

A Leaflet-based map browser for JourneyMap tiles.

  • Implemented cache-friendly tile delivery, that saves origin server bandwidth.
  • Created an interactive collaborated marker editor, connected with the Single Sign-On platform.
  • Used nearest neighbor interpolation algorithm, to preserve the visual effect of a Minecraft map.
TDLib Binding with Telegram Bot API Reimplemention for Node.js
May 2018 -- September 2019 (1 year, 4 months)
  • Implemented a Node.js cross-language binding library for TDLib.
  • Analyzed how Telegram Bot API worked and replicated the same functionality with this library.
Telegram Group Indexer Chatbot
August 2016 -- April 2020 (3 years, 7 months)

A NoSQL-based Telegram chatbot which connects prospective users to various groupchats and channels. Node.js and C++ was involved. Served over 500k Chinese users since 2017.

Weifang Public Bicycle Tracker
January 2014 -- December 2019 (1 year)

An jQuery Mobile based HTML5 public bicycle tracker, using publicly available data.



Exploring digital timestamping using smart contract on the Solana blockchain
Proc. SPIE 12586, Second International Conference on Green Communication, Network, and Internet of Things (CNIoT 2022), 125860T (8 March 2023);

Abstract: Timestamps establish a means to dictate the existence of a message at a particular moment in the past. Traditional digital timestamping service utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and thus requires the presence of a Time Stamping Authority, whose job is to ensure the message’s validity. However, with the rise of distributed computing and blockchain technology, it has become possible to obtain timestamps in a decentralized manner, eliminating the need for central authorities. Previous research involves sending transactions or utilizing a smart contract mechanism to store hashes on blockchain and validating the outcome using public ledgers. By prototyping a simple digital timestamping protocol on the Solana blockchain, this article explores the natural advantages of the Solana blockchain for timestamping, implements a smart contract of digital timestamping on the Solana blockchain, and measures its latency, costs, and performance. The initial estimation expects the accuracy of the timestamps produced by the prototype to reach the average sub-second slot time. However, due to network propagation delay, it is not always possible to hit this level. The cost incurred during the process is also analyzed and discussed. Finally, this article highlights the potential ability of the blockchain to provide modern decentralized services.

Awards & Accolades